True, I am a lover of rugs.. especially hand knotted one of a kind rugs! That's the main reason my business is called The Rug Garden.


Yes, I am a self described " wool snob", but over the past forty plus years, I have sold many square yards of nylon carpeting as well. Except for Fido doing his business on a wool rug or carpeting, nothing holds up to the common stain, and wears longer than wool. Over the past thirty years however, the synthetics, especially nylons have also been proven to be performers for day to day living! With their stain protection added

in to the yarns when dyed , these nylons can last over 15 years!  You'll get tired of looking at it, before it looks " tired" in your home. I have also included one sisal style, since sisals and other plant fibers ( jute, seagrass, hemp, bamboo) have been a popular form of floor covering for decades.


Whether wall to wall or fabricating any carpet into a rug, below features 12 different styles that give you a very small sampling of what manufacturers I resource from.

If any of these appeal to you, or if you wish to see the other colors offered, I am giving you their style names and manufacturers. 


I'll be happy to order samples and bring them to your home for a complimentary consultation.




                                                                                                                               With regards,                                                                                                                                                Deborah                        


 Couristan's Ariana Stria

100% wool in a Wilton (woven) weave available in 5 colorways

Website Fall 20191.jpg
Couristan's  Addington

100% wool woven flatweave available in 4 colorways

  Prestige Mills-Bazaar II
Couristan's Lulu

100% wool flatweave available 6 colorways

in 80% wool, 20%nylon cut pile in 2 colorways

 Bloomsburg Carpet-          Francesca

100% wool- available in 5 colorways

 Bloomsburg Carpet-Pom Pom
  Prestige Mills-Wilson-
 Bloomsburg Carpet-Royal Edition-

100% Wool, Wilton weave available in 4 colorways

80% wool, 20% nylon available in 4 color-

ways (Who doesn't like a great plaid?)

   Bloomsburg Carpet-Crossover

80% wool, 20%nylon  available in 8



100% nylon available in 6 colorways

 Stanton- Astor Place-           Color Ivory

100% wool- Wilton weave- available in 4 colorways- MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FLORAL CARPETING!

Wool/ Tencal blend- available in 6 colorways.

Stanton- Cypress

100% sisal available in 3 colorways