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Being Grateful

Hi all,

It's been a while since I have written a blog for The Rug Garden and first and foremost, I do hope that this finds you and your loved ones all well.

I wanted to switch gears and talk about my other job that I have which I love as much as being in my rug world.

Almost three years now, I did accept a part time position as the program coordinator for the newly reopened, Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory in the middle main district of Poughkeepsie. Hudson River Housing, who I am employed with, took a huge step on renovating this beautiful, historic building which was blighted for decades. It took seven years of planning, grant writing and building to renovate, and over three years ago on March 30, 2017 it reopened its doors. The Underwear Factory ( or PUF as we call it) is the home to 15 families, many of whom were in our transitional housing facilities in Poughkeepsie, or homeless. In addition, our first floor has a wonderful cafe and coffee shop that is partnered with a woman owned business, Earth, Wind and Fuego serving breakfast and lunch Mondays through Fridays from 8-3. Our second and third floors of the building houses two art non profits; PUF Studios through Fallkill Creative Works has a printmaking studio plus separate artists studio spaces ( all are currently leased) and the top floor has The Art Effect ( formally Mill Street Loft) that provides local students a place where they can learn the art of video production. With NY Pause, the building has been closed to the public since March 13.

Since this pandemic has struck, Hudson River Housing along with other non profits had made sure that our vulnerable homeless population have a place to sleep, eat and get testing for Covid 19. Our transitional housing facilities are full and it was necessary to coordinate efforts with the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office to build temporary pods to allow 120 people a place to go to each evening.

This agency, which is almost forty years old, has provided a countless amounts of programming for the underserved here in Dutchess County. If you do not know about Hudson River Housing, I invite you to check out their website, hudsonriverhousing.org.

In a few weeks Hudson River Housing is planning to hold their annual spring fundraiser. This year because of NY Pause, it needs to be done in the safety of each of our homes.

I am asking you to consider purchasing a ticket for this event. I have had my share of life's ups and downs and challenges, but through the Grace of God, my son and I have weathered some storms. Many times through no fault of their own, especially now, people are struggling mightily and need help. It is going to take a lot of thought and experience to get to a new normal for our region, and one of the biggest challenges is to have affordable housing for our communities along with assisting small businesses to hire people with a living wage. Hudson River Housing will be there on the forefront with all of what lies ahead.

Thank you for your consideration and for reading this blog.

Since The Rug Garden is a "non essential" business, hopefully we will be up and running again soon.

Until the next entry, please be safe and well.

With regards, Deb

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