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Showing Thanks!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

As some of you may be aware, I along with my husband and two others started the Hyde Park Community Garden in the Spring of 2012. This garden was a going away gift to a woman who still remains such a presence in my life, even though she passed away over 4 years ago.

Allelu Kurten was a 50-year parishioner at St. James Episcopal Church in Hyde Park, NY and a master puppeteer who traveled the world teaching children and adults about love and kindness. When she was ready to move away to Concord, Massachusetts our Outreach committee put our heads together and came up with starting this garden that she always dreamed of but never came to fruition. The old, unused baseball field had a new purpose now growing and then donating vegetables to our neighbors in need at the Hyde Park Food Pantry. It originally started out as a 30' X 40' space with the four of us working it, but a year later was expanded to its current size of 85' wide X 160' long.

We then allowed local residents to come in and lease out space for a very nominal fee so they in turn can grow their own vegetables and flowers with the provision that some of that needs to be donated to the Food Pantry and homeless shelter facilities. All of them do that and much more! This past season several of our gardeners started an orchard where we got one peach! We are hoping in the next several seasons, those trees will be producing a lot of apples, pears, peaches, cherries and even figs to donate to our neighbors. See some pictures below of our beautiful garden.

The reason I bring this up is simple. It has been such a difficult year with first and foremost the pandemic in the news every moment of every day, topped off by a very contentious political season, rioting on the streets, unemployment, homeless, etc. etc. etc. I have heard so often from our gardeners particularly this year that they were so happy and indeed blessed to have a place where they can totally unplug the world and dig their hands in the dirt, and listen to the birds, and see the butterflies and bees going about their business. Enjoying the natural world in all its beauty.

For that reason, and so many more, I am a truly blessed woman and so grateful for how my life is; A healthy family, a dual career that I love ( rugs and the nonprofit world), a roof over my head and food always on the table.

So, now that it is November and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, I decided that I want to show my gratitude to our neighbors who have especially put themselves out there for all of us during this difficult year.

For anyone in the medical field, and needs their rugs cleaned, we will extend a 20% discount through the month of November. The Rug Garden's way of saying thank you to all of you!

Until next time, be safe and stay optimistic!

Fondly, Deb

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