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Collaboration is the Key to Success!

One needs to know who to call on to make a job perfect!

A dear Rug Garden customer contacted me a few months back letting me know that she is doing some renovations and updates in her beautiful 18th century home along the river.

We have worked on numerous projects throughout the years, and now she is looking for a simpler, cleaner look for her staircase and upper hallway. Plus, she wanted to redo her guest room and add something fun in there as well as replacing her old carpeting in her library.

So, off we went to Prosource to look at some carpeting! She wanted a wool sisal for the stair runner and upper hallway to have what we call in the business a "reveal" that follows the walls but leaves inches of wood showing for conformity. Quite a few years back, she ordered a wool sisal made into a rug with a tapestry border hoping that the same style and coloring would be available. Unfortunately, it was discontinued by the manufacturer, and we needed to start from square one to complement the existing rug. I would say we found it very quickly! The sample boards of not only the wool sisal but also the wool modified shag (for the 6' round guest room rug) and the new slate blue nylon carpet from Masland was brought over and decisions were made. I always am a stickler to get those boards over to the clients home so you can see what it will look like in your lighting and with other furnishings and fabrics that need to compliment the new choice. Beth Brown who has been my rep at Prosource for over ten years now is such an expert in all things floor coverings.

Now the next thing that my client requested was to have a 1 1/2" cotton tape applied to the runner and upper hallway. She received a sample book of the binding tape colors and compared it again to that tapestry rug. Another fast and easy choice made! In order for one to do this type of custom work, it is essential that a template needed to be made so that it can be followed to the tee with the carpet fabrication company that I have worked with in Mamaroneck for decades now. Genco Floor Covering in Poughkeepsie to the rescue! Alex from Genco Flooring went to the client’s home and did a detailed template for both the stair runner and upper hallway. Once that was done, yours truly took that template along with the carpeting down to Carpet Fabrications to have the binding applied to the wool sisal. On the upper hallway, all corners needed to be mitered following that template and it was " right on".

Two weeks later when everything was fabricated, I again went to Mamaroneck to pick up the carpeting and delivered it to Genco Flooring for the installation. As you can see from the pictures below, it turned out beautifully! My client was so pleased with the results which again included a new 6' round rug for her guest room along with a lovely slate blue carpet that complimented her beautiful Toile fabric in her library. Below are the photos of the staircase and upper hallway.

My motto has always been that if you work with the best, you know that the job will be done the way your client imagined it to be.

Since my son now handles client’s requests for beautiful rugs through ABC Carpet and Home in Brooklyn, I do still enjoy doing carpeting for my clients. If you have a thought to replace or refresh your carpeting in your home or office, just give me a call at (845) 240-3194 or email me at theruggarden@yahoo.com.

Enjoy this beautiful month of October!

With regards, Deb Belding

The Rug Garden

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