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Explaining Persian Binding

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I had a referral from my carpet installer asking me to contact his customer and discuss having her existing vintage Karastan rug repaired. Not seeing the rug myself, she described it as having the sides unraveling.

My fourth-generation workroom located in Brooklyn does all types of repairs and restorations whether the rug is a hand knot, woven, or machine made. The process is still the same and it is called Persian Binding.

As noted on the picture, it is a very labor-intensive process involving the warp (horizontal) threads being frayed typically because of constant walking on the rug.

If someone needs to have this done, I strongly recommend that the entire two sides should be repaired keeping the look consistent. It is $25 a lineal foot to do this and for some people of course that is not within their budget. From time to time, clients have opted to do designated areas only. I have told them that it will never be a perfect match because we do not have the same threads that were used to weave or manufacture that rug. The workroom certainly tries to get as close as possible to the existing color.

Throughout my forty plus years in this business, I have had many rugs repaired and restored. In the end, of course, only the client can decide if it is worth the cost, for them, to have this done. From my generation, having rugs passed down from the family usually results in them proceeding with it since it does offer the sense that mom or grandma's rug will be back to its original glory.

Since this pandemic started, I have been pleased to see that many a time when I am passing the various antique dealers here in Hyde Park, Rhinebeck or Staatsburg, the parking lot is filled. Here is hoping that our younger generation will appreciate and want furnishings in their homes that have stood the test of time, instead of some pieces of junk at Bob's or online that maybe if lucky will last a few years.

Happy New Year and stay safe.



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