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Got Rug Moths?

Those little buggers!

Even though it has been a relatively mild winter so far, we have had several clients call us in the past few months telling us that they suspect moth damage to their rugs.

Many times, people really do not know that these intruders have been in their homes munching on their rugs until it is too late. We just picked up a rug from a client who was looking to reorganize her home office, and upon picking up her rug, a few moths flew into her face. Icky! The rug was at least 100 years old and was her grandmother's and she was very distraught to see the damage that they did. For her, she did find them before the rug would have been ruined forever. The rug was cleaned and repaired and back in her home to enjoy.

The simple rules of thumb for prevention are:

1. Vacuum your rugs regularly (at least once a week). 2. Move your furniture off the rugs quarterly and give it a good vacuum front and back. Moths love to hide in nice dark places and underneath a sofa or chair is paradise for them.

3. Spot clean any soda or food that falls on the rug as soon as possible. My “go to” stain removal is good old fashioned club soda! The salt content really does the trick in cleaning and neutralizing most stains.

4. For dog and cat urine stains, however, GIVE US A CALL! The proteins in this is like a gourmet meal for these buggers and if not professionally cleaned immediately, you will risk having bigger problems with these unwelcome visitors!

The picture below shows what damage these moths can do over time if not caught early. They love natural fibers (wool, cotton and silk) and sadly you will see the bald spots in your rug. Depending on the severity of the damage, my wonderful cleaning and repair service can either reweave the area to match as close as possible to the design and coloring or patch it and color it.

As the next picture shows, there is a hand wash technique done with lime to kill the eggs, larvae and moths. The Rug Garden charges $6.00 per sq. foot for this service.

Our typical turnaround time is two weeks from the time of pick up. It is highly recommended that the pad needs to be replaced as well, and we use either the Durahold pad cut to size for most rugs, or a rubber pad for flatweaves (kilims, dhurries and needlepoints)

Until next time... enjoy the rest of this almost snowless February!

With regards, Deb

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