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Oh... those flatweaves!

Be it a kilim, dhurrie, aubusson or needlepoint, there is only one way to properly clean them!

Let me first tell all of you something: I LOVE FLATWEAVES! Ever since my days at FIT decades ago when I was studying textile technology, the loom has been something that always stirred up something in me. Artisans throughout the ages creating one of a kind works of art with a never-ending variety of weaves, textures, patterns, and color!

In the 40 plus years that I have been in the rug business, I have sold thousands of these beauties. In the ’80s, dhurries, needlepoints, and chain stitches were all the rage. With the advent of the plant fibers ( sisals, seagrass, jute) many a designer layered these rugs over these types of carpeting. In the last twenty years, the kilims are the flatweaves that are the most sought after with my customers. Persian and Turkish ones are the most popular and especially with the Turkish pieces, they are mass-produced and offered in a multitude of sizes. (see picture below).

When it comes to cleaning these flatweaves it is a two-step process. The typical lanolin soap wash is done to remove stains and dirt (however, a dog stain would still require an organic enzyme treatment to remove that). Then, and this is very important, they need to be blocked! Because they are woven, and not machine-made or a hand knot, they will lose their shaping if this process is not done to them. Blocking is exactly what it sounds like happens after they come out of the wash. My cleaners use covered blocks on all four sides so when the rug dries, the shape remains the same and doesn’t wave! When dried, the rug then gets rolled up on a pole and returned to the customer ready to unroll and enjoy. These rugs (shown below) have just been picked up for cleaning and will be returned to their owners in two weeks just like that!

We are offering a summer sale on all cleaning of rugs with a 20% discount (minimum three rugs) through the end of August. Pickups and deliveries are included in our pricing, and social distancing and mask-wearing are done. At this time, we do prefer not to enter your home, and we do not move any furniture.

Enjoy this beautiful season ahead of us and stay safe.

Until next time...

Deb B

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