• Deborah

On the road again!

Looking forward to fall with my new wheels for The Rug Garden.

First off, Doug and I hope that you and your family are all safe and well!

After a bit of discussion, we both agreed to get another vehicle for The Rug Garden. For many years, the majority of pickups were done by my Volvo Station Wagon... which got totaled in an accident several years back.. then a Jeep Compass... that proved to be too small for many of the rugs we picked up... and finally conked out... and then in some desperate times, a real " beater" of a truck; a 2001 Mazda pickup that looked like I was Ellie May Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies in your driveway! Not the image I wanted to set for our business.

The other car I drive is a Subaru Outback, and although looking a bit better than that pickup, it still did not provide me with the room that was needed for those multiple or larger rug pickups.

Well, finally this is in our driveway! Although it is a 2014 Ford Transit Connect, it came with only 11,000 plus miles on it plus a winch on the back for those heavier pieces and it was in pristine condition ( until I scraped the bottom bumper getting gas three days after we got it!) My marketing/ graphic design guru designed the back for us, and we are looking to have it installed by the beginning of September. My father was always a Ford man, and we grew up with always a Country Squire station wagon in the driveway. I know that he is smiling down on his daughter knowing that FINALLY, I have gotten back to driving a Ford again!

I like to name all my cars, but I am having difficulty finding the right one for this Transit. I'm thinking " Silver Fox" since, after Covid, I have decided to forego the dying of my hair color and go au natural! What do you think?

Below is a photo of Doug and I picking up a larger rug from a repeat customer in Rhinebeck.

Our radius is typically from Poughkeepsie to Kinderhook, out to Millerton/ Pine Plains, and on the other side of the river from Cornwall to Mount Tremper. Always complimentary pickups and returns (no moving furniture so rugs must be rolled and ready to take out!). The turnaround time is usually two weeks unless it is an extensive restoration that needs to be done.

We are continuing our 20% discount on pickups of three rugs or more through the month of September.

Be well, be optimistic. As my old boss loved to tell me when I thought I was going through a crisis in my youth; " This Too Shall Pass".

See you on the road...

With regards,

Deb and Doug Belding

The Rug Garden

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