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Missing you!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Well, it's been over 10 weeks now since being locked down because of this Coronavirus. I am thankful and count my blessings that no one that I know has come down with this horrible illness. Being a woman in my 60's with underlying asthma issues, I am still taking all precautions to protect myself and my family.

During this time, I decided to make a " to-do" list for myself each day with four specific chores. I’ve Pretty much gotten all of that checked off! I have been working part-time for almost 3 years now for the wonderful nonprofit agency, Hudson River Housing. Months ago, I didn't know what Zoom was, but now, I am pretty good at joining these group meetings. Even our church has taken to Zoom which for me has been so important staying connect with my St. James family.

Being a salesperson for over 30 years has illuminated something that I already knew, and that is, I enjoy people! With The Rug Garden, I get to see some of my customers a few times a year; some once a year; some others I haven't seen for quite a few years. Carpeting and rugs have never been "essential businesses", but for me, the satisfaction of bringing back a rug that was smelly, with holes in it, fringe coming off, into the restored one that it once was, is downright joyful! I have taken this time to re-access what direction I want to take The Rug Garden to take. I've decided that I will scale it back to just offer cleaning, repairs, and restoration services and not sell carpets and rugs anymore. My son, Kristofer Catalano, is a terrific sales consultant at ABC Carpet and Home in Industry City, Brooklyn. If anyone wishes to purchase a beautiful rug or carpeting, he's your guy! ABC plans on reopening in the later part of July, so if you need anything, I can certainly pass on this information.

My husband and I will continue to practice safety when picking up your rugs and dropping them off. We will always have our masks and gloves on and stay 6' apart from you. What we ask of you is to please have those rugs rolled up and ready to be go, since we will not be able to move any furniture in your homes.

Happily, my third-generation cleaners from Brooklyn have the all-clear to open their plant again on Monday, June 8th. I look forward to seeing them again since they are a second family to me. I also look forward to hitting the road in my red van throughout the Hudson Valley, where I’ll be able to see my customers and friends again. Until next time, stay safe and well.



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