Wood, Bamboo and Cork

Since my entry in to retail sales in 1991, I have sold thousands of square feet of what the industry calls " Hard Surfaces".


My favorite and go to manufacturer has always been US Floors and I'm partial to their collections of cork, bamboo and wood.

Cork 1.jpg
Salon Burle Cork

Cork Deco collection

Cork 2.jpg
 Tinto Cork

Traditional Plank

Cork 3.jpg
Rayas Cork

Traditional Plank Collection

Wood 4.jpg
Sevanna Natural Wood  

Atlas Collection

Wood 5.jpg
Wood 6.jpg
 Overlay Natural Wood

Atlas Collection

Atlas Collection

Zenith Natural Wood
Wood 7.jpg
Bamboo 8.jpg
Hardscraped Black           Mark-Bamboo

Atlas Collection

 Aerial Natural

Expressions Vintage Collection

Chocolate Bamboo

Muse Strand Collection

Natural Bamboo

Ming Collection